Kids Dance Outreach, also known as KDO, provides accessible, high-quality dance and arts education to Indianapolis children. Through our programs, children are empowered to succeed and given the tools to persevere, be brave, and understand empathy as they discover new and unimaginable ways to see themselves and others.

The mission of Kids Dance Outreach (KDO) is to positively impact the lives of all children through joyful dance programs that inspire excellence, instill confidence, encourage teamwork, and applaud persistence. To date, more than 19,000 children have experienced the transformative power of the arts through KDO’s high-quality dance programs. As an innovative dance and arts education model, KDO provides equity and access to the community – programs are FREE to participating children and their families. 

Founded in 2012, KDO has built a solid reputation as a fast-growing organization, building on exceptional teaching expertise, use of live music, and a laser focus on dance outreach. KDO is different from a dance school or studio – programs are FREE for every child. KDO offers its programs to school-age children in Indianapolis public and charter schools. These schools are 70% minorities, with more than 80% on the free/reduced meal program, 50% of boys and 50% girls. The KDO Adaptive Dance Programs reach children with developmental disabilities.

“The KDO Artists and Musicians embody a sense of command that is non-threatening. The greatest benefit to the children is that they all feel like they can do it. They all feel some sort of success, and they are excited about it. They come in with apprehensions, but by the time they leave the first session, they all have a sense that ‘I can do this, and I am good at it’. They all feel like they are good at it, and they need that.”

Joyce James, 4th Grade Teacher at Carl Wilde Elementary IPS 79