KDO was founded in the belief that all children are dancers. Since our inception, KDO’s programs have served children of all abilities, including dancers who are deaf and hard-of-hearing; dancers who are blind and visually impaired; and dancers with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical disabilities. In addition to KDO’s fully inclusive programming in schools, KDO offers specialized programming beyond the school day for dancers with disabilities.


KDO Adaptive Dance Class gives young children with Down syndrome the opportunity to develop social, emotional and physical skills in a safe environment through the discipline of dance. This is much more than just about learning dance steps, the skills learned will enable students to be successful in the future.  Our programs improve focus, listening skills, discipline, social abilities, physicality, and ultimately self-confidence that leads to success in school and opens more opportunities later in life.


Contact Courtney Coirin, Administrative Assistant, for more information and to register. We currently do not have any volunteer opportunities for this program.


The KDO IMAGINE Project was inspired by our successful Adaptive Dance program for children with Down syndrome. KDO has partnered with experts in the field to create a workshop that offers children of all abilities the chance to move… to dance… and to go beyond what they believe possible. Utilizing KDO’s unique pedagogy and the expertise of a KDO Teaching Artist team, this class series workshop hones the abilities of learners with special needs through dance, live music, and performance.  In this program, children with disabilities are paired with typically developing peers to maximize participation. Dancers work together under the guidance of KDO Teaching Artists and physical therapists to master choreography and gain partnership and performance skills, working toward functional goals within a joyful, rigorous, and supportive group dynamic.