While KDO programs are inclusive and serve children of all abilities, the Dancers with Disabilities programs offer further opportunities specifically designed for children with disabilities to allow them to dance, grow, and succeed in a safe and supportive environment. “It’s really much bigger than just learning dance steps. It’s really about improving children’s lives, their social abilities and setting them up for success in the future” – Michael Johnson, Founding Director of Kids Dance Outreach.


KDO Adaptive Dance Class gives children ages 7 – 12 with Down syndrome the opportunity to develop social, emotional, and physical skills in a safe environment through the art of dance. This is much more than just about learning dance steps. The skills learned will enable students to be successful in the future. Our programs improve focus, listening skills, discipline, social abilities, physicality, and ultimately self-confidence, leading to success in school and opening more opportunities later in life.

Are you interested in having your child participate in our Adaptive Dance Class for children with Down syndrome? Click below to complete the Inquiry Form, and we will get in touch!


The KDO IMAGINE Project was inspired by our successful Adaptive Dance program for children with Down syndrome. This workshop gives children with and without disabilities a safe environment to engage, learn, and grow through music and dance.  Participating dancers include children with a wide range of disabilities as well as typically developing peers. As an ensemble and in smaller groups, all children work collaboratively with a team of KDO teaching artists and physical therapists.


Contact Dana Vanderburgh, Community Engagement Coordinator, for more information and to register. We currently do not have any volunteer opportunities for this program.