By supporting Kids Dance Outreach, you keep children dancing and thriving through the arts. Their dreams vibrant, and their lives are filled with joy and hope. With your help, KDO programs can remain accessible and equitable for all.

We are compelled to share with you stories that reaffirm the need for KDO programs and their impact on the lives of so many. In this short video series, you will hear from parents and school leaders who speak about the transformative power of KDO; how it gives children the hope, joy, confidence, strength, and resilience to sustain them through these difficult times.

These are the KDO Stories That Inspire Us…

Thank you to all the children, parents, school leaders, and advocates who took the time to share their stories with us and allowed us to share them with you. Thank you to our donors and supporters who make these transformative experiences possible for the children we serve.