Kids Dance Outreach (KDO) is different from a dance school or studio – programs are FREE for every child. Utilizing unique pedagogical techniques, KDO master teaching artists and professional musicians engage children in a dance class like no other.

“What style of dance does KDO teach?”  KDO’s movement vocabulary is not based on one specific style but focuses on providing a high-energy, inspiring, and accessible dance class where all children can succeed! All KDO classes are accompanied by professional musicians with the use of live music.  At times various themes and other curricular content can drive choreography that celebrates and is influenced by specific techniques – honoring diversity and culture while remaining accessible to all.

“The Arts are pulled out of our schools. But if you let a child perform and shine in areas they are successful in, whether it be dancing, playing music, or singing, success translates into math and their studies. They feel a sense of ‘I want to work hard.
I want to do this. And I CAN do this.”

– Indianapolis Public School Teacher