Meet Pedro

Kids Defy Odds Challenge

My name is Pedro, and I am a part of the KDO SWAT Team.

How did you start in KDO?
KDO came to our school and gave us the opportunity to dance.

What did it mean to become part of KDO’s first SWAT Team?
It felt great!!

What do you love about KDO?

What is challenging about KDO?
Memorizing the words for the songs

What is your favorite part about KDO rehearsals?
Doing the warm-ups

How does dancing make you feel?
I feel happy!

What do you miss most about KDO?
I miss my friends.

If you could dance, perform, sing, or do anything with KDO, what would it be?
I would do ALL of them!

Are you anxious to perform on the big stage at the KDO Event of the Year?
No, I feel happy!

Anything else you would like to share?
Yes, I would like to thank my teachers so much for giving me this great opportunity.