Meet Lucy

Kids Defy Odds Challenge

Hello, my name is Lucille, and I am a current KDO dancer on the SWAT Team.

What do you love about KDO?
What I love about KDO is how they accept us and just help us out no matter what. It’s really wonderful.

What is challenging about KDO?
What is challenging about KDO is probably dancing in front of other people. Dancing is kind of new to me, and actually, KDO has kind of helped me overcome that fear.

What is your favorite part about KDO rehearsals?
My favorite part about KDO rehearsals is probably the warm-ups. I just get excited when we’re warming up, and I’m happy because there’s so much fun in the rehearsal that is yet to come.

How does dancing make you feel?
Dancing makes me feel something that I can’t quite describe. I just kind of dive into the dance, and nothing else seems to matter. It’s almost like a meditation. It’s just really great.

What is something you have learned from dancing?
What I’ve learned from dancing is to just be yourself and accept yourself no matter what other people may say.

What is one of your favorite memories from KDO?
One of my favorite memories from KDO is when I first got this KDO shirt. It really made me feel happy and excited that I was a part of something this cool.

Since we aren’t able to meet in person for rehearsals, what do you miss about KDO?
I kind of miss everything about KDO…the supportive staff members, the kids, dancing…I just really miss it all.

What is the theme for the 2020 Event of the Year? What are we celebrating?
Our theme is the Earth. We’re celebrating this beautiful planet that we all live on.

What is your role in the 2020 Event of the Year?
My role is Mother Earth, and it’s really an honor to be this role.

What does the role mean to you?
This role really means a lot to me. If I’m truly going to be Mother Earth, I have to think about what she’s feeling. It’s actually kind of helped me, because as all these problems happen in the world, Mother Earth always stays strong.

What makes you excited to perform this role?
What makes me excited about performing this role is the wonderful choreography. I just think it’s really great!