Meet Evyn

Kids Defy Odds Challenge

Hi, my name is Evyn, and I’m a part of the KDO SWAT Team.

What do you love about KDO?
Something I love about KDO is how when we’re learning new dances, they are always encouraging, and if we mess up, we try again until we…not perfect it, but…until we improve.

What is challenging about KDO?
Something that’s challenging is remembering all the new steps that we have to do.

What is something you’ve learned from dancing?
Something that I’ve learned from dancing is confidence, because when we are on stage, I kind of get nervous, and once I get up there, I realize I know all these moves, I know how to do it, so I convince myself that I can do it.

What is one of your favorite memories from KDO?
One of my favorite memories is when we’re performing on stage in front of people and making them happy to see us dance. Something else that’s a fun memory is that when I performed last year, how we would have to change costumes and run up and down the stairs to get to the next place! I liked the different costumes that we used.

Why did you think it was important to fundraise for KDO?
I thought it was important to fundraise for KDO because it’s an important part of my life, and I thought I should give back to that.

How did you fundraise for KDO?
I saved up my allowance for a couple of months and then I gave it to KDO.

Why do you think other people should support KDO?
I think other people should support KDO because it’s important. It’s a nonprofit, so they have to get their money from somewhere, and you would feel good about giving money to something that you think is important.

Do you pay for KDO?
No, it’s all free!