In partnership with Indianapolis public and charter schools, KDO provides high-quality, joyful, innovative dance programs during school time. Partnership design can vary from one-time introductory workshops to semester and year-long sequential programs. All children in the designated grade participate at no cost to them or their families.

The KDO curriculum uses unique movement vocabulary accessible to all, promoting structure, discipline, focus, empathy, and self-confidence. This, in turn, boosts the students’ ability to learn and perform with success while fostering acceptance and celebration of diversity. 

How does the KDO In-School Program work?

  • KDO works with individual schools to define and meet their unique needs.
  • In collaboration, KDO and schools design the programming that best fits their community.
  • Programming can be designed as a one-time introductory workshop or sequential programming.
  • KDO works with ALL children in a grade level, divided by class – grades 2nd through 5th.
  • A KDO team of teaching artists and musicians will visit the school to lead each class in a dedicated space.
  • Classroom teachers are expected to be actively engaged in supporting the program.
  • Longer, sequential residencies end in a final showcase performance, open to families and the school community and held on-site.

Interested in becoming a KDO Partner School? Contact Dana Vanderburgh at dvanderburgh@kdoutreach.org  to learn more. 



Brookside IPS 54
Center for Inquiry 70
Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School
Christian Park IPS 82
Butler Lab IPS 55

Center for Inquiry 2
Invent Learning Hub
Global Prep Academy
Matchbook Learning
Paul Miller IPS 114

Daniel Webster IPS 46
Enlace Academy
Edison School of the Arts IPS 47
Crooked Creek (Washington Township)
Fox Hill Elementary School (Washington Township)