1. How can I enroll my child in KDO classes?

If your child is between the ages of 7 – 11 check out our Summer Program offerings, as it is an open program available to all.

2. Can I just sign up for my child to attend KDO classes at any time?

KDO is not a traditional dance school or studio, we work in partnership with schools and other organizations to provide programming. At this time we do not offer registration-based enrollment, however, we may in the near future! Join our mailing list and stay up to date with KDO news, events, and opportunities.

3. How can I bring KDO programs to my child’s school?

If you would like your child’s school to have KDO in their building, visit our School Partnerships page and share information with your school teachers or administrators! Put us in touch and we will take it from there.

4. What style of dance is KDO?

KDO’s movement vocabulary is NOT based on one specific style (i.e., ballet, African dance, tap, jazz, etc.) but focuses on providing a high-energy, inspiring, and accessible dance class where all children can succeed. All KDO classes are accompanied by professional musicians with the use of live music. At times various themes and other curricular content can drive choreography that celebrates and is influenced by specific techniques – honoring diversity and culture while remaining accessible to all. Check out this video and see what it’s all about!

5.  When and where can I go see a KDO performance?

Our biggest annual performance is the KDO Event of the Year – a professionally produced performance help at a theatre, it takes place each Spring. In addition to the KDO Event of the Year, you can catch a performance throughout the year at various community events and spaces. Follow us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know where KDO will be performing next!

6.  Where is KDO located?

KDO does not have a permanent building at this time, most of our classes take place in school buildings, at the Athenaeum building in downtown Indianapolis, and at various other sites. If you could like to watch a KDO class or need additional assistance contact us!

6.  Is it true all KDO programs are offered FREE of charge to participating children and their families?

YES! KDO relies on donations, grants, and our community’s generosity to underwrite our programs’ costs so that children around Indianapolis have access to a high-quality, engaging, unique dance and art experience they may not have otherwise. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation, visit our Support page to learn more.

KDO is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and all donations go directly to supporting our mission and the children we serve.